Are you hobbling with a band, theater or sports team for years on endless asphalt plains? Do you spend hours and days in a van on a bench like school years, body on the body of your sweaty colleagues, bent at the waist and knee to section? Don’t you deserve to get some comfort?

If you answer at least one of these questions YES. We pulled out this living van for you and your crew. Mobile home, driving and sleeping for 8 people! Including driver.

  • you can stand up and walk
  • stretch your legs where you get
  • give yourself a hot shower better than you have at home
  • Bounce on a little or even a big one and save valuable minutes you are chasing because you’re late
  • make a coffee in a Nespresso capsule press
  • to reach out to any of the beds on all gets
  • brush your teeth
  • put your laptop and phone in the wall socket; calmly the whole crew when it comes to it
  • cool your beer in the fridge
  • Stay warm in the winter or cool in the heat, no matter what the backstage looks like
  • make your own sitting under the pergola at the feast
  • throw something good on the pan when your bowls and fryers are crawling through your neck; the gas is boiling best
  • turn on the lamp when everyone snores and read something
  • in a relaxed way to travel all night and yet go in the morning fresh and well tuned to work
  • when driving without a wheelchair – average consumption 8-11 liters, depending on driving style
  • when driving with a wheelchair and thus max. speed up to 100km / h – average consumption of 12 to 15 liters of diesel, depending on driving style
  • Well gentlemen and ladies, this is a dream

Optional equipment:

  • sleeping and driving 8 homologated places, 7 + driver, COC (global homologation)
  • 3 and 148 horsepower, EURO 5, pulls as it should
  • manual air conditioning cab
  • tempomat
  • heated rear-view mirrors
  • radio, CD, mp3 with speaker in the whole set
  • ESP with ASR Hill Start Assist
  • panoramic sunroof
  • wardrobe
  • large fridge with separate freezer
  • reversing camera
  • 2x added battery for 95 Ah bodywork
  • 220V, 2000W (4000W peak) drive safely tightens the needs of the entire crew
  • solar panel – 140WP
  • awning
  • Secu Motion – gas regulator, pressure safety fuse
  • Duo Comfort – automatic switching of gas cylinders
  • bicycle holder (4 wheels)
  • roof rack for surfboards
  • supplied minibar (RedBull, alcohol + non-alcoholic beer, Cola, sticks)
  • water tank – 160 liters
  • Nespresso press including capsules
  • additional LPG tank (cooking, heating, refrigerator) – 55 liters
  • safe


  • When you take over the car, you will pay a deposit of 5,000,- which is the amount of any deductible. We have havarijko, so no fears. Please note that we are repairing every scratch.
  • We only carry bands with our driver. If you want to save and use your own driver, it’s possible. Just send it to one trip with Pipes and Pints to get the necessary training. The offer is valid only for our well-known and serious individuals.
  • Drivers have trained and experienced drivers. He rides conscientiously and honestly. In the event of an accident caused by another person, the tenant is responsible for the caravan, that is, you. In the event of an accident caused by our driver, the driver is responsible for damages. The driver must be assisted in reversing, parking, maneuvering in confined spaces and handling when the truck needs to be disconnected.
  • In case of training and use of your own driver. It guarantees the tenant everything.
  • An exception to self-management is if you want to export a family or friends for a longer vacation. Theaters and athletes also have an exception. We can agree otherwise. Driver training takes about 3 hours. Again, the tenant is liable for everything.
  • If you destroy something or throw coffee (etc.) indoors or break or lose some of the equipment, we’re not going to get out of it. However, you will pay for repair costs + 20% service charge. Car insurance does not apply to the interior. We can use the so-called “crap insurance”, which we own, we do not provide it anymore. You must have it with one of the insurance companies alone. You will pay the damage against the invoice immediately and you will settle the claim with your insurance company. If you do not have the insurance policy, you are paying for the damage to your interior – if you are dumb!
  • In case of annoyance caused by excessive consumption of alcohol, you will clean it yourself or you will pay 2000, – for cleaning and de-stealing.
  • If you follow the motto “It is rental, dont be gentle” we saw each other last time. Our motto is “It is rental, dont be genital.”
  • Due to the non-standard capacity of 8 people for driving and sleeping, the interior is busy for max.

Trailer Parameters:

  • Trailer status: new – October 2015
  • Total weight: 2,500 kg
  • Curb weight: 650 kg
  • Payload: 1,850 kg
  • Length of loading area: 304 cm
  • Loading area width: 151 cm
  • speed limit: 100 km/h
  • Group E: * control
  • Braking: yes
  • Number of axles: 2 axles
  • Wheel position: wheels next to
  • Tilting: no
  • Tires: 14″
  • Sidewall material: plywood x aluminum
  • Loading area height: 180 cm

Price list

  • Common price – 3500,- excl. VAT – 4 235,- CZK incl. VAT
  • Car trailer – 600,- excl. VAT – 726,- CZK incl. VAT
  • 1 500,- excl. VAT – 1 815,- CZK incl. VAT – in the Czech Republic
  • 2 200,- excl. VAT – 2 662,- CZK incl. VAT – abroad
  • The price for the driver is the cleaning of a commonly used car
  • In case of heavy contamination cleaning fee 500,- CZK
Minibar pricelist:
  • Red Bull – 30,- CZK
  • Budvar – 20,- CZK
  • Espresso – 20,- CZK
  • Tea – Free
  • Tastes – according to current offer